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St. James, Lititz
Mass Intentions
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December 31 - 7th Day Within the Octave of the Nativity of the Lord St. Sylvester I
9:00 AM Stephen Patrick Meier (requestedby Richard Fleckenstein)
5:00 PM Stephen Patrick Meier (requested by Bob & Judy Smith)
January 1 - Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God
7:30 AM St. James Parishioners
9:00 AM
Ted Hulyo (requested by Bob & Judy Smith)
11:00 AM Pat Malloy (requested by Dan & Judy Barkume)
Monday January 2 - SS. Basil the Great and Greogory Nazianzen
9:00 AM Michael Gavitt (requested by Mike & Sandy Klunk)
 Tuesday January 3 - The Most Holy Name of Jesus
9:00 AM Charles Jackson (requested by Terry Jackson)
January 4 - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
9:00 AM Pat Malloy (requested by Dan & Imelda Juba)
January 5- St. John Neumann
9:00 AM Deceased Members of the O'Rourke Family (requested by Terry Jackson)
January 6 - St. Andre Bessette
9:00 AM Agnes Hagel (requested by Agnes Kroeck)
January 7 - St. Ravmond of Penyafort
9:00 AM Poor Souls (requested by Dan & Imelda Juba)
5:00 PM John & Roseanne Barnas (requested by Rose Barnas)
December 25 - The Nativity of the Lord
7:30 AM St. James Parishioners
9:00 AM
Pat Malloy (requested by The Scinta Family)
10:00 AM Mary Kelponis (requested by Walt and Judy Zale)
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