Office and Information

Pastoral Staff
Rev. James O'Blaney
C.Ss.R., Pastor
Jacqueline Zajac
(Parish Office Manager)
Melanie Blodgett
Terri Armstrong
Bob Smith
(Building Supervisor)

Tom Owsinski (Pastral Council Chairperson)

Dann Barkume- Head Sacristan, John Gaughan, Ron Fink, Rob Blott, Kathy Cardos, Ciera Osipenko, Georgie Weese, Vanessa Sembrat, Trish Link, Chuck & Cheri Smuck, Nancy Wentworth, David Chavez, and Joe & Suzi Smith.
Religious Education Staff
Rose Barnas
Director of Religious Education
626-0244 x1
Carroll A. Feldman
RE Administrative Assistant
626-0244 x2
Sean Malloy
Director of Youth Ministry
626-5580 x6

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of a group of lay people, nominated by the parish and chosen by lot and by appointment. In union with the Pastor, the Council is the primary decision making body which shares the responsibility of the life and welfare of the parish. Council members also serve on Pastoral Council Committees designed to provide a link between Council and the various parish organizations.
Pastoral Council Members
E-mail Address
Area of Mission
Brad Corvelle 2015 725-4102 Needs Assessment
Beth Foose 2015 560-0579 Evangelization/CRO
Mike Schreiner 2015 799-7296 Needs Assessment
Melonni Shields 2015 951-9547 Evangelization/CRO
John Hohman 2015 626-1957 Needs Assessment
Andrea Miller 2015 203-4957 Needs Assessment
David Barber 2015 626-6103 Evangelization/CRO
Tom Owsinski, Chair 2016 669-0323 Chairman
Tom Scanlon 2016; 569-2799 Pastoral
Kristi Fetterolf, Vice Chair 2016 991-1598 Pastoral
Marian Chavez 2016 627-3692 Evangelization/Baptism
David Donovan 2016 341-2676 Social Justice
Tanya Janoski 2017 471-1189 Evangelization/CRO
Jeannette Sweeney 2017 626-5263 Social Justice
Kathy Mansbery 2017 625-1365 Needs Assessment
Anne Chapman 2017 626-5250 Liturgy
Michael Holland 2017 626-9472 Evangelization/CRO
Father James O'Blaney . 626-5580 x4 Pastor
Rose Barnas . 626-0244 x1 Religious Education
Sean Malloy . 626-5580 x6 Youth Ministry
Dave Kubitsky . 627-6703 Finance
Carroll Feldman . 626-0244 x2 Secretary

Schedule of Meetings

Meeting Date
Special Activity
. . Planning; Father, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Rose & Sean Planning
. . Kick-off and organizational meeting for all council members Organization
September . Pastoral Council Meeting .
October . Pastoral Council Meeting .
November . Pastoral Council Meeting .
December . Pastoral Council Meeting .
January . Pastoral Council Meeting .
February . Pastoral Council Meeting Council Nominees
March . Pastoral Council Meeting Council Election
April . Pastoral Council Meeting .
May . Pastoral Council Meeting Council Chair Election
June . Pastoral Council Meeting Social

Finance Council

Members of the finance council are: Dave Kubitsky, pres., Bill Armstrong, Pete Sahd and Father O'Blaney.

Liturgy Committee

Members of the liturgy committee are: Fran Bingham, Jaye Grochowski, Ken Hartman, Jackie Owsinski, Tom Owsinski, Jeanie Zentz, and Father O'Blaney.

Councils and Committees
Mass Schedule
Additional Schedules
Office Hours
Bulletin Deadline
Hall Rental
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