Office and Information

Pastoral Staff
Rev. James O'Blaney
C.Ss.R., Pastor
Jacqueline Zajac
(Parish Office Manager)
Melanie Blodgett
Terri Armstrong
Bob Smith
(Building Supervisor)

Tom Owsinski (Pastral Council Chairperson)

Dann Barkume- Head Sacristan, John Gaughan, Ron Fink, Rob Blott, Kathy Cardos, Ciera Osipenko, Georgie Weese, Vanessa Sembrat, Trish Link, Chuck & Cheri Smuck, Nancy Wentworth, David Chavez, and Joe & Suzi Smith.
Religious Education Staff
Rose Barnas
Director of Religious Education
626-0244 x1
Carroll A. Feldman
RE Administrative Assistant
626-0244 x2
Sean Malloy
Director of Youth Ministry
626-5580 x6

Father James O'Blaney, Pastor

St. James Catholic Church
505 Woodcrest Ave.
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 626-5580
Parish Office Manager
Jacqueline Zajac
Mission Statement

We, the parish of Saint James Catholic Church, dedicate ourselves to maintaining the sanctity of worship and spiritual enlightenment within a family environment that reaches and involves all ages and unifies all people.
We believe in the spirit of ecumenism whereby we will share our faith by word and example, and extend our spiritual insights to all people.
We accept the responsibilities of Christian stewardship whereby through generous giving we may all experience a faith community with Christ as the center.
We dedicate ourselves to insuring the well-being of all people so that we may truly experience the message of Christ's gospel.
We are a beacon upon a hill with the eyes of many upon us. Let that beacon be the light of God and let his light shine brightly in our lives.
Brief History
The development of St. James Catholic Church began in the late 1800's when missionary activities led the Redemptorists into the Lancaster area.
In 1915, Father William White came to St. Clement's to care for the Catholics in the Ephrata area. Until this time, the Catholics of Lititz journeyed to Lancaster for Sunday Mass. On November 12, 1916, a party of Lititz Catholics assisted at Mass in the Chapel at St. Clement's, Ephrata. Father White's concern for this group deepened and he decided in May of 1917 to rent a house in Lititz for use as a chapel. No November 18, 1919, the Redemptorists purchased the vacant St. James Lutheran Church at a public auction. The first Mass was celebrated on April 4, 1920 in the new church of St. James the Greater.
On January 5, 1977, Bishop Joseph Daley granted the St. James Mission an established parish with a resident pastor. It was comprised of the Borough of Lititz and the Townships of Warwick, Clay and Elizabeth. After years of planning, a new church was constructed at the Woodcrest Avenue Site. The first Mass was celebrated there on July 2, 1978.
In 1990, an addition, consisting of classrooms and a parish center was added to the Church in order to serve our growing community, which now numbers over 1,030 families.
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