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Natural Family Planning

How The Method Works

The method relies on the daily observations of signs and symptoms that normally occur in a woman's body. It helps to identify the changes of the cervical mucus pattern as well as the temperature of the body at rest. These two signs are charted and assessed to help a woman or a couple to recognize the days of each cycle when the woman is fertile (when pregnancy can occur) or infertile. After learning to interpret the changes within her cycle, a woman will be able to monitor her own fertility, without contraceptive devices or chemicals.

Women Choose Natural Family Planning For Many Reasons:

  • Easy to learn, convenient, and inexpensive.
  • A scientifically reliable method.
  • 98% - 99% effective in postponing a pregnancy when a certified instructor teaches the method and women are motivated to follow the method.
  • Allows the planning of conception and the number of children conceived.
  • Medically safe and has no adverse side effects.
  • Completely natural.
  • Tailored to the individual woman's cycle, making it different from the rhythm method and calendar method.
  • Accepted by all religions and cultures.

The Benefits of Natural Family Planning:

  • Provides knowledge and skills in understanding how one's body and cycles work together
  • Builds confidence in understanding one's fertility
  • Can be used throughout a woman's entire reproductive years
  • Useful during special circumstances such as irregular cycles, breastfeading, and premenopause
  • Assists couples dealing with infertility
  • Creates co-responsibility among couples, which promotes and improves communication
  • Strengthens relationships and families
  • Facilitates early recognition of medical problems

The Natural Family Planning Program

Basic information and instruction is provided in one class by a certified instructor. After attending this class, supervised follow-up is recommended for at least six menstrual cycles.

Phone consultation is available.

Individual instruction and/or follow-up is available by appointment.

Other Services Available:

  • Fertility Awareness programs for adolescents, school students, college students, and church groups
  • Supplies including thermometers, charts, and educational materials
  • A lending library of books


Natural Family Planning
NFP is a program sponsored by the Lancaster Regional Medical Center
250 College Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17603 
Classes are available by calling Theresa Squierdo, 626-9267
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