St. James Inclement Weather Policy
Emergency Situations Policy
1. If it is a Sunday, announcements will be made at Sunday Masses and items 2 - 5;
2. Notices will be affixed to the main entrance doors to the church and parish hall.
3. Announcements will also be sent to the following places:
A) CLEARCHANNEL, which covers WHP 21 CBS, CW15, 97.3FM, the River, KISS99.3, BOB94.9 New Country, FM 97 WLAN, WHP580 Talk Radio. The message should be broadcasted and also posted on their websites.
B) ABC 27, who should also post messages on TV and their website.
C) WGAL Channel 8, who will only post messages on their website.
4. An email message will be sent out to all families for whom we have current emails.
5. If in doubt of the status of closings, please call 717-626-0244 X1 and listen to the message. If there is no message, wait an hour and call back (it takes a while to get all notices posted).
6. If it is a weekday, then see items 2-5.
1. For Sundays, see items 1-5 above AND 4-5 below. 5!"'6
2. If it is a weekday and Warwick School District Schools are closed or dismissed early, Religious Education and all other Faith Formation activities arealso cancelled .
3. If it is a weekday and Warwick School District Schools are not closed, not dismissed early, not in session, or it is after school hours, then see items 2 -5 above AND ...
4. A message will be posted to the St. James RE Facebook page.
5. Finally, should you get no information from any of these methods, you can call Rose Barnas on 569-0395.
Please use your own good judgment during inclement weather. The safety of you and your family is our primary concern. Thank you. Stay safe. Stay warm. May God bless your family.